Embark on Your Journey to Freedom

BDSM Lifestyle Coaching

I offer BDSM lifestyle coaching and mentorship services to Dominants, submissives and D&s couples.

Most coaching, mentorships, consultations, and assessments are done virtually via; email, text, Skype voice, Whatsapp voice or another form of free international voice chat.

For select clients, I also provide "in-person" coaching and mentorships.

Social/Dating Profile Set-Up Review

One of the most difficult tasks can be the simplest of things. Your initial presence can attract both positive and negative attention, why not improve your chances of receiving positive attention? The attention you want rather than the attention you may be getting!

For this, I will first ask you some questions with reference to how you identify, what your interests/disinterests, fetishes and desires are. Most importantly, I will inquire about what it is you are looking for out of your social or online dating presence.

From there, I will take a look at your current profiles and provide a detailed outline of suggested adjustments and changes you should make to better your chances at receiving the positive, wanted attention that you desire to receive.

Although I will provide an overall assessment on all aspects of your social and dating profiles, I will be providing a detailed summary of suggested changes to the 'about me' and 'interests' sections of your profiles.

Don't have profiles yet? That's okay, I will recommend some great Community sites for you to sign up for and once you've chosen which you like, I will provide my assessment and recommendations based upon your desires, interests, and requirements.

Consultation & Assessment

The primary services in which I offer are consultations. The purpose of the initial consultation & assessments is so that I may better understand you, your goals within the lifestyle and community, your fetish interests, as well as any issues you may have. The initial consultation will also provide us with an opportunity to build rapport.

It all starts here.

For the consultation, I will ask you a wide range of questions. Some will maintain more broad questioning and answers with relation to family, religion, profession and others, with relevance to yourself, significant other(s), personality, sexual orientation, how you currently identify and what you desire from and where you would like to be within the community and lifestyle (both short and long-term).

This will be much more in-depth.

With this information, I will provide you with a comprehensive assessment as well as, detailed recommendations and a suggested action plan in accordance with your interests, fetishes and personal goals.


Once the initial consultation is completed, the option for continued coaching and mentorship is available to those I feel I can guide and coach to fulfillment.

Through continued coaching, it will allow for you to maintain a higher level of accountability in achieving your goals, tracking the progress of not only your goals but the progress of yourself as well.

Mentorship allows for me to not only encourage, guide and coach you to achieving the freedoms you desire but also to work with you. To provide you with trusted guidance as you (Dom/sub/Couple) progress along your journey.

I will work closely with you as a trusted support while you navigate through the community and lifestyle, as well as your own discovery.

Embrace Yourself and Discover Your Freedom.

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