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Master Eros


Hello, I'm Master Eros, which you may already know from BDSMtalks.

What may you not know?

I'm 33-year-old Entrepreneur who resides in Ontario, Canada.

Now, the name Eros and how that came to be.

Being someone who considers themselves an intellectual, I tend to read quite a bit. During my readings, an ancient God stuck out to me over the years.


Eros, an ancient Greek God. He was the son of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Eros was the God of love and desire... more specifically, The God of sexual desire. The word 'erotic' is quite literally derived from the name Eros and thus, it seemed fitting to my nature, as well as my ego.

Although I have been Dominant my entire life, I have lived as a lifestyle Dominant for over nine years, as of now. I have a deep passion for both reading and writing about BDSM and the like. This eventually culminated with the creation of BDSMtalks.

If you don't know already, BDSMtalks is my hobby project, a blog, where I openly share my views, experiences, and thoughts relating to BDSM and the lifestyle. To my magnificent surprise, it has and continues to grow into a lovely little community of like-minded individuals whom both share and support one another as they navigate through.

Through all of this, it has allowed me to coach and mentor both submissives and Dominants from all over the world on all things BDSM and the balance between their personal and professional lives.

I have a divine compassion for all within the lifestyle. I understand well the struggles and confusions that sometimes come with everyday life and acceptance with relation to BDSM. I comprehend the variety of complexities that everyday life can sometimes bring, the many facets of BDSM and its sub-cultures; that even the simplest of tasks within the community can seem overwhelming at first.

For this reason, I have been providing Coaching and Pro services since 2016. Due to a very busy professional schedule in 2017, I had to take a step back, only continuing to work with a couple of clients. Fortunately, 2018 is allowing for time to be on my side and I am again working with clients who require BDSM lifestyle coaching & mentoring within the BDSM community, and for a select few, Professional Domination Sessions.

In addition to being a lifestyle Dominant for eight years, I've worked in corporate, as well as executive management for the past nine years, in which I have learned the fundamental components of coaching and mentoring individuals to reach their personal goals and to even surpass their own self-expectations.

If you've ever read an article I have authored on BDSMtalks, you know this well.

I have also maintained Presidency over my own corporation for the past few years. Further honing my skills and ability to piece together practical, logical and precise action plans to ensure the highest levels of success and achievement with the least amount of difficulty or complexity.

Due to the vast knowledge in coaching, mentorship and leadership I have gained both professionally, as well and more importantly as a lifestyle Dominant, I bring empathy to the needs and desires of others, the understanding of what it takes to get there and the distinct ability to guide others in achieving their goals.

The compassion I hold in coaching others to find their freedom is a significant part of my fabric.

I take great pride in my ability to aid others in their fulfillment. Call it, Dominant ego.

For all of these reasons and more, I offer both BDSM Lifestyle Coaching and Professional Domination services.


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